Boutique Hotel Paris 8

Paris’ original literary boutique hotel in Paris 8th

Designed by Didier Benderli, interiors at Pavillon des Lettres are classically French, elegant and modern. Benderli describes his interiors here as an alliance of the arts – combining literature, painting and sculpture in a subtle dialogue. Colours and materials contrast each other and work together at the same time, creating physical interpretations of the pleasure of reading.

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Literary hotel in Paris

Set deep in Paris’ 8th arrondissement, The Pavillon des Lettres offers everything you would expect from a French boutique hotel – subtle and sophisticated, elegant yet modern. Pavillon des Lettres’ is Paris’ original literary hotel with 26 rooms and suites of the hotel, each dedicated to a different letter in the alphabet – and in turn a great writer from Europeanhistory – from B for Baudelaire, S for Shakespeare and Z for Zola.

Words from each writer are stenciled onto the walls of each room of the boutique hotel. behind each door lies the spirit of a poet, writer, virtuoso or genius, giving a unique atmosphere to the hotel.

Truly timeless, Pavillon des Lettres pays homage to well-known and hidden talents of both French and international literary history.

Chambre Pavillon des Lettres

Hans Christian Andersen | Charles Baudelaire | Pedro Calderon | Denis Diderot | Eschyle | Gustave Flaubert | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Victor Hugo | Henrik Ibsen | Henry James | Franz Kafka | Jean de La Fontaine | Alfred de Musset | Gérard de Nerval | Ovide | Marcel Proust | José Maria Eça de Queiroz | Jean-Jacques Rousseau | William Shakespeare | Léon Tolstoi | Honoré d’Urfé | Voltaire | Virginia Woolf | Xenophon | William Butler Yeats | Emile Zola

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